Construction Management


As a client, you benefit because all of us at DMR understand the needs and expectations of the entire project team ‒ owner, designer and all of the trade contractors associated with the project. With such in-depth knowledge and experience, we can act in everyone’s best interests, always looking for the most productive and best solutions. In every project phase, we work hard to make sure all of the team have clear communications to ensure a successful project.



Whether it is a big project or a small one being able to have early pre-construction meetings with the end users is essential to the success of any project. Early involvement in the project allows the DMR team to understand the project scope, and any unforeseen construction issues that may come up so that the finished project meets your expectations. When the entire team exchanges clear, concise, accurate and well-defined information from the start, budgets and schedules can be realistically set and timetables met.